benefits of camphor

Camphor is usually used for worship. Few people will know that it contains many
such medicinal properties, which are beneficial for our health. Camphor has
antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It has many therapeutic benefits. It also
used in Ayurvedic treatments. It is beneficial medicine for your skin, hair, and
. Many people use it for their household chores and health.

Joint pain relief

Massaging camphor oil provides relief in joints pain or physical
problems. A study has shown that camphor oil produces warming
sensation, which gives you relief from pain. It is excellent in relieving
muscle pain.

Remove Acne and the black mark

Camphor is rich in antioxidant properties. It helps in preventing acne
and black mark. Applying camphor in coconut oil will cure facial pimples

Reduce Skin irritation

Camphor is very effective in removing skin irritation. Applying camphor
on scratches, wounds or burns on any part of the body will reduce
irritation. Applying camphor in water will reduce the burning sensation
of the wound and provide coolness. Along with healing the wound, the
use of camphor also cures its scars.

Prevents Hair fall

The use of camphor prevents hair fall. It also eliminates dandruff from
hair and makes hair strong. There can be many reasons for hair not to
grow, but camphor oil can easily tackle this problem. By adding
camphor in coconut oil, hair loss is reduced gradually and your hair
becomes strong and shiny.

Treatment of Cracked heels

Camphor is the best medicine for the treatment of torn bones. After
mixing camphor in hot water, put feet in this water, after that you
apply a cream moisturizer or petroleum jelly on them. Within a few
days, there will be rest in torn heels. Antiseptic and coolness properties
of camphor are very beneficial in the treatment of cracked heels.

Relieve Stress

Massaging camphor oil on the head will be beneficial in the event of
depression or stress. The aroma of camphor oil is effective in keeping
the mind calm and getting better sleep. This will relieve you mentally
and stress will gradually reduce.

Treatment of Cold and cough

Colds are very common in winter. In such a situation problem like the
closed nose, shortness of breath and sneezing are troublesome.
Camphor is the best solution to get rid of this problem. Camphor
sniffing is beneficial in cold and lung diseases. It is used in making many
products like Vicks, Balm.

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